Richard Aldrich

Of Two Bodies as One

Concerning the paintings when presented in the exhibition: “There is a sort of emptying that happens through an extraneous & short-term responsibility that is given to these paintings. They become detached from their original circumstances (emotions in a studio, a design…). This is their becoming decoration. This is temporary and contextual and not to be viewed as a lack as much as understood as an internal and interesting part of (their) existence…this ever-shimmering human condition.“

Furthermore: “There is an uneasyness to them in real life which comes from, I think, this process of becoming. It is not an immediate process in terms of pouring one feeling into an other but rather going from one cup to another cup, to another (or from a cup to a glass to a…). The material, though on the surface seems very clear, is quite difficult to discern. And the magical process of becoming, that is transposing two realms, is a bit clunky. There is something about the actual object and the image of the object—they don’t line up. In the real it is not at all what you thought, though at the same time all right there, so it seems like it should be easier.“